Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The End of the Story

© 2009 Karen Van Fossan

Thank you, dear readers, for all your creative vision in helping me find an ending to the Ogre, Rat, and Princess story. Since my last post, I've been chewing on your ideas.

How will the story end? I've wondered. Of all the delightful suggestions I heard -- as posts to this blog or otherwise -- which will I pick?

Will someone prepare an inviting Greek supper? Will we hear each other's stories? Will a faithful dog bring us, mostly, together? Will the Ogre and the Princess fall in love?

This morning, as the alarm clock buzzed, I suddenly got my answer...

Once upon a time, there was a terrible, angry ogre. The ogre didn’t like me, the ogre didn’t like you, and most of all, she didn’t like herself. “Self!” she hollered. “You’re terrible! And you’re angry! And you’re an ogre! No wonder I don’t like you.” The ogre picked up her house. And she tossed it to the ground.

Well, the ogre happened to live next door to a frightful, fearful rat. The rat didn’t trust me, the rat didn’t trust you, and most of all, she didn’t trust herself. “Self?” she whispered. “You’re frightful! And you’re fearful! And you’re a rat! No wonder I don’t trust you.” She scurried away, as fast as she could, far across the prairie.

Now, the rat happened to live next door to an undiscovered princess. The princess was bored with me, the princess was bored with you, and most of all, the princess was bored with herself. “Boring!” said the Princess -- while she smiled for the camera.

But the princess happened to live next door to the writer of this story. The writer looked around. “Ogre? Rat? Princess?" she said. "I’m trying to write a story. Could you help me?”

The princess yawned. The rat kept hiding. The ogre stomped her foot. Then they hurried home and locked their doors.

So the writer dialed a pay phone. "Help!" she said to the reader. "What should I do?”

The reader scratched her head. Or maybe he drummed his fingers. The readers said to the writer.........

"I think you should cook them a Greek meal."

"It so happens that the writer lived next to a loyal, loving dog."

"I think the Ogre, the Rat, and the Princess should go on a photo safari."

"The ogre was so fully loved by the princess, and the princess by the ogre..."

As the writer sat and listened to the readers tell their tales, she found that there was a moral to the story after all:

Ogres will be ogres. Princesses will be princesses. Readers can be anything they choose.


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JGH said...

Lovely story! I think we soon must go on a kayak photo safari! Maybe the Ogre, Princess and Rat will join us!

blogslut said...

Love it! I wanna write a story now!

Kristi said...

What a great story! I live for photo safaris!