Friday, September 11, 2009

It's almost time for "Shhhhhhhhh!"

Can't wait! It's almost time for Shhhhhhhhh! -- a very original play by truth-telling teens in the heart of North Dakota.

Join us at 7:30 PM on Saturday, September 12th in the Sidney J Lee Auditorium at Bismarck State College. The show is rated PG-13. (Well, make that PG-12.) And it's totally free.

"But what is the play about?" people ask.

Just about everything that anyone's ever said, "Shhhhhhhhh!" about.

The Group That Opened the Box is ready to talk.
You'll'll'll renew your hope for humanity.

Find out more on URL Radio with Stacy Sturm, on the KFYR Morning Show with Anne Kelly, in the Bismarck Tribune article by Karen Herzog, and at the Culture Pulse website.

Here's a peek at some of my favorite scenes:

written by Rachel Patrie (age 17)
How did this even happen?
Sarah wanders up and down the closest Walgreens to her home, filling a basket with odds and ends. Some Easter decorations. Light bulbs. New mascara. Pregnancy test?
Her hand shakes as she reaches for the box.
Bonus! Free Additional Test Inside!
"Awesome!" she thinks. "Sounds great!"

Is Sarah pregnant at age 16? Find out Saturday night.

"Only She"
written by Caitlyn Taix (age 15)
Lately we're inseparable.
She's the only one that finds happiness in a garden.
We just drive. We don't complain, we just listen to a better time,
preferably Cat Stevens,
and drive on a long gravel road
to nowhere.
Only she finds peace in that...

Who is "She"? Find out Saturday night.

"Matthew and Me"
written by Michaela Miller (age 16)
So in love. So in love, I don't
care who sees me with him.
So in love, we don't care
who judges us.
So in love, I'd kiss him in the middle of
downtown New York City.
A lot of people are watching, spectating.
It doesn't really make sense...

Why are people looking? Find out Saturday night.

"Daisy & Pierce"
written by Megan Isaak (age 14)
I'm in the doctor's office. I cut too deep, I need stitches.
I hear the door ring, as a tall man steps in, wearing a fedora, Mexican sunglasses,
and a big trench coat...
I look up at the sound of my name being said. It's the man with the fedora.
I remember, Pierce used to wear his fedora all the time.
No, don't think about him. He's gone!

Or is he? Find out Saturday night.

written by Alexis Hellman (age 18)
I am Buddha.
Rub my tummy
for luck.
That's what I need --

Why does Buddha need luck? Find out Saturday night.

We hope to see you there.