Friday, November 20, 2009

Women & Spirituality (A Quiz)

© 2009 Karen Van Fossan

Quiz time! Well, not yet.

First, I should tell you, I recently returned from an energizing (and overwhelming) adventure at the Women & Spirituality Conference at Minnesota State University in Mankato. I traveled there by van (and satellite car) with a group of spirited friends.

As the keynote speaker and beloved leader in the global sustainability movement, Dr. Vandana Shiva linked women's traditional wisdom with the modern cry for sustainability. Here are just some of my favorite quotes from her:

“Across cultures, women have been the seed-keepers – which they have regarded as a sacred duty.”

“People invented this thing called 'the food chain,' with man at the top of the pyramid.” Dr. Shiva smiled and said, “They forgot that the microorganisms get you at the end!”

“Today, women's agriculture produces far more food than industrial agriculture.”

“The womanly way of farming has been through diversity.”

“In the U.S., there are more people in jails than on the land.”

“Industrial agriculture is a system for creating scarcity, a system for creating hunger.”

“The earth is a much more generous employer than Wall Street will ever be.”

“We feed the soil organisms – and they'll feed us.”

“Each day, Gandhi prayed, 'God, make me more womanly – make me more feminine.'”

Now – it's quiz time:

1. In the Trance Dancing workshop, facilitated by Ella Davis-Suggs and Linda Deer Domnitz, participants (including myself):
A) Breathed in unison.
B) Moved to ancient rhythms.
C) Pressed our foreheads and bellies to the floor, for insight.
D) All of the above.

2. With Paula Kramer as our guide, participants in the “Feeling, Seeing, & Psychically Reading Auras” workshop:
A) Journeyed through all the layers (three) of one another's auras.
B) Made colorful drawings of other people's auras.
C) Gave “aura hugs” (or maybe that was just my group).
D) All of the above.

3. In Amy Leo Barankovich's workshop, “Dancing Your Own,” participants:
A) Danced with the floor.
B) Danced with bells.
C) In one case, danced with her nose.
D) All of the above.

4. During the “Introduction to Shamanism” workshop by Rhonda Steele, participants:
A) Journeyed to the lower world.
B) Met their power animals.
C) Made animal movements and sounds.
D) All of the above.

The best thing about the conference was:

All of the above.

(Next year, maybe you...with your aura and your power animal...will join us.)