Monday, December 22, 2008

"Cold Enough for Ya?"

© 2008 Karen Van Fossan

"Cold enough for ya?" asked Ralph, as I blustered into a holiday party on Sunday. Shivering in my boots, I said, "Just about!"

Of all the winter traditions, this brief exchange (Cold enough for ya? Just about!) might be my all-time favorite.

A couple of years ago, a friend from Arizona landed here in February. She turned to me with wide eyes. "Is it possible that my nose hairs are freezing?" she asked. "Oh, yes!" I said.

I used to describe the cold to my Illinois grandpa. "As long as I keep blinking, my eyelashes don't freeze together, and I'm OK."

Sometimes Ferne (age 99 1/2) will ask me for the weather report, so I give it to her in layers. Lately, we've had Ski-Mask-Plus-Hat-Plus-Scarf Days. So far, those are the coldest.

A student of Kris's just got frostbite on his face. Ooops! Playing in the snow, he couldn't discern the kill-you cold from the really-kill-you cold.

Facing the really-kill-you cold, I go for a walk with Jasmine. As Jasmine (part Siberian Husky) leaps into the snowbanks, I have an urge to ask her, "Cold enough for ya?"

She kicks up snow with her snout. And I can almost hear her -- "Just about!"


Randy said...

covers piled high so heavy you can hardly move let alone rollover..but plenty of body heat from the one next door...pillows piled high and sash closed tight. now that's snoozing! Happy winter!

blogslut said...

Anybody want to do the Polar Bear Club thing? You know--where they strip down, jump in a river, and swim around in the ice & snow. Now THAT's extreme sports!

JGH said...

Love the photo of the pups! I think I'llstart to count how many complete strangers ask "Cold enough for ya?"

Karen Van Fossan said...

As my dad would say, Snug as a bug in a rug.
Do you know my dad...?

Be sure and tell me how it goes.....

Can't wait to hear the final count!

Kristi said...

Yep, just about! Went out for some supper tonight and I had three layers of pants on and 4 layers on top. I was cozy!
There was a girl in my photography class from Brazil and since this was her first winter she was REALLY worried about the cold.