Monday, June 23, 2008

Number Thirteen

© 2008 Karen Van Fossan

Who's counting? OK, I am. Never one to avoid the 13th floor or the 13th camping spot, I'm ready to celebrate this 13th blog entry. (A definition of celebrate: share quotes, news, and updates.)

1) Love & B.S. (all about Grandpa V)
One of my favorite Grandpa V quotes...
I'd rather sit down and talk with a pig than eat one.

2) The Umbrella & the Runaway Horses (written by Grandma Z and me, sort of)
More about Grandma Z: She remained a devoted pianist until her final days, forgetting words, names, places, and faces, but never In the Garden.

3) Fascism, Ferne, & the Ten Commandments
Holding steady: The Ten Commandments still adorn Hillside Park. Fascism still bedecks the monument, though the graffiti appears to be melting these days. Ferne turned 99 two months ago.

4) Uffda! Barack Obama + Hillary Clinton = North Dakota?
Still seems possible, doesn't it?

5) The Orange Thingy...for Earth Day
One of the neighbors (who had refused a free, CFL, Earth-Day lightbulb from Sierra Club) stopped by the other day. I noticed you're natural types. I thought you might have a use for this lawn sweeper. I'm not using it.

I've been merrily (and freely) sweeping my yard (more weeds than grass clippings) ever since.

6) Nothing in Life is Free, Except this Piano
And this lawn sweeper...?

7) Four Things I Did Not Do With My Rebate Check
1. Frame it.
2. Blow it all on Red Hots.
3. Fold it into an origami tanker.
4. Buy a Barbie.

8) One Quick Recipe for Peace
Another ingredient: Talking to trees, talking to birds, talking to spinach.

9) Top 10 Reasons to Stay in Bismarck, ND
Three more reasons: Trees, birds, spinach.

10) Listening for Voices
For visiting ancestors, I have better luck with dreams than electronics. If anything should change, I'll let you know.

11) Surprises at Fargo Pride
Here's a surprise I neglected to mention: At the outdoor Pride festival, I (subtly) chased after a woman wearing a paper-bag sign attached with clothespins to her back. What did the sign say? “Old woman wearing shorts. Deal with it.” This was, of course, well worth the (subtle) chase.

12) 10 (Sort of) Fun Things to Do With Food Scraps
As Sara said the other day, while discussing whether tarantulas eat people or just bite them, If I had venom, I'd eat humans.

13) Number Thirteen
Thanks for celebrating!


Julie said...

I can't wait for number 26!

blogslut said...

We sure have a lot of fun, don't we all? Nice review of how good life is!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

still waiting for a blog about your endangered tree!