Monday, June 16, 2008

10 (Sort of) Fun Things You Can Do With Food Scraps

© 2008 Karen Van Fossan

When I say food scraps, I mean pits, peels, seeds, stems. The stuff that gets pushed to the edge of the plate, plunked into the garbage, tossed from the window of the car. The stuff that doesn't inspire us, interest us, or nourish us.

Or does it?

1) If I were Kristi, I'd co-create food-scrap art with Karen (who wouldn't be me anymore, because I'd be Kristi). Then I'd nickname it Chipper. See photo.

2) If I were Julie, I'd take elegant photos of food-scrap art, as co-created by Kristi and Karen. See photo credit.

3) If I were Ursula, I'd bury food scraps (i.e. potato peels) in my garden. Then I'd accidentally grow potatoes.

4) If I were Tracy, I'd feed food scraps to a seething mound of worms and then show it off to a class of awe-struck first graders.

5) If I were Bill (at age 3 or 4), I'd stick food scraps up both my nostrils, purely as a scientific experiment.

6) If I were Jim, I'd go ahead and eat the apple core.

7) If I were Brian, I'd go ahead and eat the strawberry stem.

8) If I were Grandpa Z, I'd go ahead and swallow the red grape seeds.

9) If I were Buddha, I wouldn't have any food scraps, surviving on but one grain of rice.

10) If I were me, I'd blog about my food scraps (of course) and then run off to peek on them in their compost bin.


Julie said...

Chipper was a delightful dinner companion! You did a great usual. See you soon!!

blogslut said...

You may have stumbled onto something with Chipper. I'm sure people laughed at Picasso at first.

Kathy B. said...

If you were Annie (that much-missed Cocker Spaniel and friend of many years), you would say, "There is no such thing as a food 'scrap' - and no item too inanimate or too hot to be inedible!"

Kristi said...

Hooray for Chipper! It had been a long time since I played with my food. :)