Sunday, March 9, 2008

Seven Working Principles of Peace Theater

Peace Theater happens in kitchens and kayaks, cross-country trains and street corners, wherever people tell an honest story and allow these stories to transform them. Peace Theater is an invitation to wholeness, a reinvention of the ancient traditions in our blood. It is a sacred and a literal place to gather – like the village green or tribal dance, an opportunity to see and be seen, to create and be created.

1. Roots: We are rooted in our community, our ancestry, and history.
2. Longing: We speak to, and from, our collective desires for connection, meaning, and presence.
3. Authenticity: We tell truths as we know them, writing within the real-life contexts of body, river, soil, and air.
4. Compassion: We find how to love each character we present, even though that character may challenge us to our core.
5. Voice: We honor the voices around us, attuning to the mysteries within them.
6. Vision: We offer transformative art, a re-imagination of the stories of our lives.
7. Surrender: We surrender the drive for success, devoting ourselves to the sacredness of the creation and the creating.

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