Friday, November 5, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I'm a Pagan

© 2010 Karen Van Fossan

In honor of Lunar Samhain (Halloween on the Lunar Calendar), I have made a short list of the top ten reasons why I practice earth-based spirituality, otherwise known as paganism. According to Samhain traditions, this is the new year, a good time for letting go, cleaning up, making plans, and maybe even making lists. So here's mine...

Top Ten Reasons I'm a Pagan

10) The earth is cool.

9) The stars are cool.

8) The sun is cool.

7) The moon is cool.

6) The dark is cool.

5) The dirt is cool.

4) The ocean is cool.

3) We are cool.

2) Life is cool.

1) Freedom of religion is really cool.


JGH said...

You are cool friends!!! I'm so glad your blogging again. i missed it!

Dad said...

You come from a long line of pagans in a heavenly sort of way!!!


louise said...

Pagans, Pagans we all fall the ground to taste the sweet rain...again...and again...and again. Happy Belated Samhain. I helped create a delicious Day of the Dead service for RVUUF...the first in over 15 yrs...We had record attendance and people let themselves be deeply moved. Love your list...Love you...Louise