Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin and Yours Truly

© 2008 Karen Van Fossan

It all started when Kris declared, You should go as Sarah Palin for Halloween! Before this crucial moment, it never occurred to me that Sarah and I might have anything in common. But upon further investigation, I found...

Sarah Palin and I:
1) Are women with bangs.
2) Were both completely unknown as of August 29, 2008.
3) Can see a foreign country from within our home state.

Looking at this list, naturally I ask myself, Well, what do I have in common with Joe Biden? More than it may seem...

Joe and I:
1) Are not married to Elizabeth Edwards.
2) Are not married to Bill Clinton.
3) Have never been mistaken for Kathleen Sebelius.

So maybe I should go as Joe Biden...?


Julie said...

Sarah Palin could be a very scary costume!! I saw more of Saturday Night Live with her. It might have been funnier if it wasn't so true!

Sheri said...

I vote for Palin (the one and only time I will ever say that. EVER.) Mostly because I'm dying to see the pictures of you in the up-do. Tina Fey says Palin's accent is a "bit Fargo," is that true? I also read that the Fargo paper endorsed McCain. Poor you! I can't imagine not living in a blue state.
Miss you!

Karen Van Fossan said...

Hey, Sheri! A "bit Fargo"? Absolutely! Did you hear we're considered "pink" now? Not as red as before, but not quite purple. Hope you're having fun out there in the blue!
Miss you too!

Anonymous said...

Simply hilarious!!

Sheri said...

I didn't hear about your pinko status. That's an improvement, I guess. Let me know when you start seeing shades of purple. Or dare I say it, a blue spot somewhere. Love and miss you, S

Karen Van Fossan said...

Will do! Maybe I'll even start seeing shades of Green...
Love and miss you too!